CDG's Interconnect, Mediation and Subscriber billing solution, MBS, are proven solutions in telecommunications billing. But don't take our word for it. CDG customers have many wonderful things to say about our products and services.

We were with our previous billing vendor for 12 years. They were nice people and quick to make enhancements or find resolutions when billing issues occurred, but they were also going out of business. The thought of transitioning to a new vendor was worrisome. Our previous vendor had always taken time to listen to our ideas, but would a different vendor do the same?

Although we consider ourselves a small company in the greater scheme of things, our portfolio is so diverse that we have acquired a great deal of experience with different services and technologies. As a result, we feel that we have a lot of valuable insights and ideas about how to set up, manage, and bill an array of services. Would a larger vendor really listen and act on our suggestions, or would they dismiss our input in lieu of their own agenda? What it really all boiled down to was: Could we really have the same kind of relationship with a larger company?

It turns out the answer has been a resounding yes! The folks at CDG have been absolutely fantastic. We were able to quickly establish great working relationships with the support and development staff at CDG, which helped ease our concerns about how we would fit in with a larger vendor. And as soon as we started to pitch ideas for things that we'd like to see, we found out just how much they were listening because the next thing we knew our idea would be in production in the application. It's so good to have a partner like CDG, who listens to our ideas and responds to our needs.

Being a new client, perhaps one of the most unbelievable things to me is just how rapidly the CDG applications have evolved. When we selected CDG to be our new vendor one of the driving forces was the effectiveness, flexibility, and ease-of-use of their software. It was a great system. That said I cannot believe how much the applications have changed in just one year. The staff at CDG is also constantly looking for ways to assist with industry processes. For example, they are working now on developing an FCC form query to simplify the process of data assembly and file upload to the FCC.

CDG has proven to be just the kind of company we were hoping to find – helpful, friendly, attentive, and responsive!


CDG has been a trusted vendor of ours for more than 20 years. CDG's willingness to listen to our requests in addition to developing solutions that address industry changes make the CDG [BDS-I] system a robust and flexible billing platform that continues to meet our billing needs.

TDS Telecom

Our previous billing company made you feel like a number, you didn't have one person to contact if you needed help with something, you had to make a ticket, then wait for days for an answer. CDG makes you feel more like family, not just a customer. Everyone is always willing to explain the how to's and make sure you know how to use the system for what you need.

ITS Telecom

I look forward to the CDG Conference every year whether it is a short distance down the road or I have to travel further. Building relationships is key and I feel the CDG Conference allows me to continue to build those relationships with the CDG Team as well as my [BDS-I] Team members within the Industry. I feel I can reach out to any of those relationships to gain Industry knowledge when needed throughout the year.

I always learn a lot! Whether it is enhancements that other companies would like to see added to the current system or the user updates with the latest and greatest version, I feel I gain a wealth of information. I don't believe there is anything shared that isn't useful.

The more I learn about the CDG system each year the better user I am. Believe me, I still have a lot to learn but I will continue to grow as I use the system, reach out to my Industry Team Members as well as the CDG personnel that are always there to guide me. They are only a phone call away!

Consolidated Communications

The CDG Customer Conference is an awesome resource for our folks. Those who attend walk away with not only a greater knowledge of the MBS/[BDS-I] products but also any trends and/or issues encompassing our industry. The content always proves to be very informative and useful while the networking avenues are incredible. Each conference allows us to grow our circle of friends of which we can share ideas as well as resolve problems throughout the year. As with most things, the more you participate and interact - the more you will learn. Thanks CDG!

Hardy Telecommunications

I have been highly impressed with the magnitude to which CDG goes to put on such a nice [Customer Conference]. It is always a nice facility, great food and entertainment, and great conversation with people you email with throughout the year. It is nice to put a face to a name - even though you are working with people far from where you might be sitting you feel like you are just a couple offices down the hall. I would definitely recommend all CDG clients to attend - it isn't really to learn day to day processes - but a large scale of what else can be added to make it work even better for your company and learning from other attendees something you didn't already know or hadn't thought about. Great job CDG!!.


The decision to convert to CDG Billing Solutions was based on our desire to improve our efficiency, accuracy and provide our customers with a user-friendly online payment option. CDG's MBS is the total package for Citizens.

MBS has improved the efficiency of our front line Sales Team with its easy to use screen formats and various search options. MBS also automatically populates customer information into Cash Drawer for quick and easy payment processes. Cash Drawer even allows a sales item to be added without having to conduct a second transaction, which saves time for both the customer and the employee. In addition, CDG worked with us to help expedite service orders by adding links to supporting websites (credit check, etc.) for smooth and fast transaction completion.

MBS helps support Citizens 'Go Green/Paperless' initiative by eliminating the need to write down customer information prior to processing orders, and through the E-Care module, which allows our customers to view and pay their bills online. When needed, making a bill adjustment is a snap with instant reflection to the customer's balance. We also store all customer documents on their account, so everyone has instant access to them.

Information is easy to find which improves the customer experience during a call or visit to our office. Tasks are assigned to eliminate inter-company emails and provide tracking for tasks that might otherwise drop through the cracks. This is one of the largest improvements for our company – all of our employees work in the same system – from the point of customer contact all the way through to technician installation, with everyone having access to the same information. We have eliminated many of the databases and spreadsheets we used to use to track information across departments because of the vast amount of information that is tied together in MBS. It has improved efficiency and given us better tracking, scheduling and reporting tools.

CDG is also paving the way for increased customer self-management with SAM and E-Care, improved inventory and sales item management with Cash Drawer, and target marketing and reporting through the Query Reporting Tool and Dashboard. We are also very excited for the roll out of a mobile version, so our technicians can perform their work from the field on their smartphones. We look forward to putting CDG's future enhancements to good use.

CDG's MBS product is just another way Citizens is able to bring it all together for our customers.


CDG has afforded [us] a fresh new interface with lots of tools to make our operation more current with today's billing technologies. As innovators in the technology world we are thankful that CDG is receptive to implementation of the many new ideas we throw at them. Their developers are always willing to explore these suggestions for the betterment of all of their clients

TriCounty Telecom

When our company decided to outsource our billing, we were looking for a company that had a well-known reputation in the industry for providing excellent products and service. After working with CDG and using their MBS and [BDS-I] for the past 3 years, I feel that our decision to go with CDG was the correct one.

One of our goals in outsourcing our billing was that we were losing revenue by not billing our [BDS-I] accurately. The revenue lost by not billing accurately can be damaging to any company. Another goal was to have our customer billing system be easy to use as well as accurate; MBS gives us that. I feel confident that we have achieved the goals we set out.

CDG's training and service personnel are excellent and are always willing to help solve any problem we have. It is very reassuring to know that no matter what we mess up, someone at CDG can fix it for us.


Noxapater Telephone Company

I would definitely recommend all CDG clients to attend. It isn't really an event to just learn day to day processes. It's more about the larger scale of making it work even better for your company - and learning something you didn't already know or hadn't thought about from other attendees. Great job CDG!!


CDG's products are the best. Their transition team is terrific, their support is unequalled, planning and development are spot-on, and their top management gets involved!

Moundville Telephone Company

CDG's Mediation was selected and modified to replace our in-house written software. The software was initially written to retain the majority of our wireless detail records in-house to be summarized at end of month for our end user billing company. This process has saved our company many tens of thousands of dollars over the years in operating expenses. CDG's Mediation was again modified to replace our in-house software written to retain the detail records for MMS text messaging, pictures and WAP wireless Internet surfing info to send summarized records at the end of the month to our end user billing company. During the paralleling processes, CDG's Mediation software out produced our in-house programs, in accuracy and error checking. CDG has been great to work with us through both processes. They have been very professional and very responsive to our requests and modifications. CDG has had a number of modification upgrades to the software and each time the documentation is true and accurate. CDG has just been wonderful to work with. I have worked with other software companies but have not had better response or relationships.

SRT Communications

CDG has a wonderful [BDS-I] billing product and support team. We have [been] a licensee of the CDG MBS [Mediation] and [BDS-I] product[s] since March 2001. The software is user friendly. We not only increased our revenue but our accuracy as well.

I cannot say enough good things about the support that we have received from the CDG MBS and [BDS-I] support team. It is so comforting to know that help is always just a phone call away. Not waiting hours or days for someone to talk with on a problem or question.

One of my favorite things about CDG is the user group meetings and conference calls. This is where you as a customer can voice your thoughts, opinions or concerns about screens, process, reports, etc. and you are heard. CDG goes out of their way to make their billing system the best for everyone.


Here are the top five most popular features, in no particular order that the ladies at LaHarpe Telephone like about MBS:

1. Temp and permanent disconnects are fast and easy.
2. New bills are easier to read. Chris told me that on Mon., 1/13/03, two customers remarked about how much nicer the new bills are. How many times does a company get compliments on a bill?
3. Making adjustments from the customers' bill image is a great enhancement.
4. Seeing the current balance, 30 day balance, 60 day balance breakdown on the financial tab is nice.
5. The installation wizard on new installs walks you through the installation process, which makes it harder to forget to enter something.

LaHarpe Telephone Company

We have been a client of Communications Data Group (CDG) since 1996. CDG is more than a service bureau; it is an important part of our team.

Our company operates in Idaho, Oregon and Nevada. CDG works very closely with us to ensure that our company stays compliant and meets the deadlines of the various FCC and applicable State PUC rules and regulations.

We have made many 'special programming' requests over the years, but these requests are not a problem with CDG. (I actually think they like the challenge.) CDG takes the time to review our billing data closely. If there is an unusual shift in traffic or revenues, CDG will notify our office before billing statements are released. CDG's personnel far exceed today's accepted standards in providing customer service. CDG performs their services like an excellent business partner; they want us to succeed and they show it.

Oregon-Idaho Utilities

CDG's [BDS-I] system is the only system I would ever hope to use when billing access. The support team is great to work with. I get quick responses to questions or concerns, and I don't have to worry as much about new and changing industry issues with CDG in my corner. Many times they tell me when changes are coming, instead of my having to call them and wait for the system changes to be made.

Foothills Rural Telephone

SureWest has been doing business with CDG for at least 10 years. Throughout this entire time, CDG has provided a quality product and outstanding support. We especially appreciate our Product Support Representative and the programming staff who have always been ready and willing to help us. Their positive attitudes make working with CDG a true pleasure; many times they go above and beyond to help with our goals. Our Account Executive also does a great job for us by consistently checking to see if SureWest is receiving satisfactory service or offers his assistance.

SureWest Communications

Using CDG's MBS billing software [has] made my job easier and smoother. The MBS format is very easy to use and understand. All of the subscriber information is in front of you and if you do run into a problem, "Help" is just a click away. I can process twice as many service orders with MBS than I did with our old system. I have loved MBS from the start, and with the upgrades and improvements that CDG keeps making, it just gets better!

Citizens Telephone Corporation

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