CDG's Mediation receives data from switches and other network systems and converts the information to manageable formats for billing, auditing and reporting purposes. Irrelevant data is filtered out; call report data is correlated and organized. Billing is easily reconciled and disputes are settled without delay.


  • Gathers and prepares diverse switch and network system data for processing.
  • Supports next-generation softswitches, such as Taqua, GenBand, MetaSwitch, Redcom, and Siemens, as well as an array traditional switches for wireline, wireless, and IP service types.
  • Flexible business rules for filtering and editing call detail records.
  • Correlates and organizes call report data.
  • Automated input validation system.
  • Process scheduling options ranging from full manual intervention to full automation.
  • Event notifications regarding job statuses, potential processing issues and general information.
  • Quickly and easily identify incoming and outgoing files.
  • Audit IDs for tracking files throughout the system.
  • Variance identification, including trending and auditing reports to identify anomalies and help with revenue assurance and fraud detection.
  • AMA and EMI search capabilities.
  • Create and save custom usage search profiles to find specific usage messages and charge records from master or work files. Downloadable CSV data output of search results.
  • Usage by Day by Hour reporting.
  • Generates call volume, origin, and service type reports, among others, for resource planning and allocation.
  • Integrated Query Reporting Tool (QRT) for creating custom reports and downloadable CSV data output for external evaluation.
  • Integrated standard rating for non-tiered/non-bulk plans, as well as advanced rating capabilities when combined with the full rating engine in our MBS billing system.
  • Determine local usage based on the to and from NPA-NXX in the data record through the Localizer module.
  • Correctly identify terminating intraMTA wireless usage.
  • Multiple usage data warehousing options with data mining and anaytics tools.
  • NPAC database integration available for LRN, OCN and line type verification of ported call detail records.
  • Fraud detection capabilities.
  • Top-quality implementation and customer support.

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CDG's Mediation was selected and modified to replace our in-house written software ... During the paralleling processes, CDG's Mediation software out produced our in-house programs, in accuracy and error checking ... I have worked with other software companies but have not had better response or relationships.

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