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Circuit Ordering and Billing

Standardized Billing

and CABS

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BDS-I Modules

Accounts Receivable Interface

Uses on-demand batch processes to convert critical accounts receivable information into formats required by PeopleSoft (Oracle) or JSI accounting systems, as well as CSV and flat file formats for general ledger systems.

Service Order Interface

Allows automated posting of service orders into the facility access circuit files to eliminate manual entry with complete edit checks, detailed audit reporting, and error file recording with corresponding error codes.

Discount Plan Compliance

Enhanced options for analyzing, managing, and mechanizing the complex dedicated and special access contracts your company has in place with their customers. Automated updating capabilities, grace period management, penalty calculations, analytical reports for resource planning, and the ability to generate customizable compliance letters when customers are out of compliance.


Distribute carrier access and interconnection invoices to customers via an online web portal. E-Bill offers current balance due information by account and invoice; options for viewing and printing current and past invoices, CSRs, and Bill Remittance documents; and the ability to make and track CDR/usage requests by invoice. E-Bill employs strict security controls.

Bill Data Tape (BDT)

Produces mechanized access bills (BDTs) according to C/BOS industry standards.

Customer Service Record (CSR)

Produces mechanized Customer Service Records according to C/BOS industry standards.

Derived Percent Interstate Usage (PIU)

Derive your own PIU from certain usage instead of adopting a carrier’s PIU.

Variance Report

Segment usage information and revenue by traffic type and rate element, inlcudes a three-month variances comparison.

Dispute Handling / Resolution

Capabilities to help manage and resolve disputes with other carriers.

Online Bill / CSR Display

View access bills and CSRs online, including past invoice and CSRs.

Adjustment and OC&C Interface

Automatically posts payments, adjustments and other charges and credits into an adjustment file, and includes complete edit checks, detailed audit reporting, and error file recording with corresponding error codes.

Collection Letters

Automatically create collection Letters for carriers who have past due amounts for 30, 60, and 90-days plus or 60, 90, and 120-days plus outstanding balances, while accounting for posted, real-time carrier payments and adjustments.

Daily Toll Processing

Affords the merging of usage into the BDS-I system as often as required to spread processing activities over a month's time and allows errors accumulated in the recycle file to be corrected as they occur early in processing.


Vital financial, worklfow, and service performance information statistics, including interactive charts, graphs, and records. Dashboard is designed to provide the information executives and managers need at their fingertips.


Correctly identify terminating intraMTA wireless usage that is valid for billing. Usage records with populated LRN field values are compared to MTA tables to determine the correct jurisdiction of the call.

Payment Interface

Provides automated posting of batch payments into the payments file to eliminate manual entry with complete edit checks, detailed audit reporting, and error file recording with corresponding error codes.

Query Reporting Tool (QRT)

Set up custom defined database queries through easy-to-use "Views" and define the output that is created from the query results including custom reports, Dashboard gadgets, targeted email campaigns, and other formats.

LERG/NECA File Interface

Automated LERG and NECA #4 file information posting into the CLLI file, and programs that update BDS-I information with complete edit checks, detailed auditing reporting, and error file recording with corresponding error codes.

Localizer Module

Employs Localizer database information to determine local usage based on the to- and from- NPA-NXX in the data record. The module also includes online screens for viewing Localizer data for the valid local NPA-NXX relationships and the corresponding data definitions for the local tariff filed.


Gather and prepare all of your diverse data for rating, usage distribution and usage processing to standard industry formats. Mediation processes data from switches and other network systems and converts the information to manageable formats for billing, auditing, and reporting purposes.