From implementation and training to daily assistance, CDG supports our clients' every step.

Providers need quality support for their billing and management tools in order to be able to effectively support their customers. Whether clients need technical support or step-by-step procedural assistance, CDG's support professionals are dedicated to helping. Our Support team has more than 250 years combined experience assisting service providers of all sizes and shapes.

Unparalleled Support

At CDG, customer support is more than an 800 number. CDG dedicates an experienced Customer Support Representative (CSR) with concentrated knowledge to every account. Our staff members have an average of more than 19 years of experience. Personal assistance is available through email or phone, and timely service response is assured through systems that log and track the status of each client contact filed by a CSR. To reduce users' learning curve, CDG also provides personalized training and even job shadows billing cycles during new installations of our billing products. With support like this, we give you all the tools you need to use our systems to their full potential.

Proven Implementation Expertise

Our track record speaks for itself. In 2019, CDG completed 52 successful implementations of its MBS, BDS-I, and Mediation solutions for both new and current clients.

CDG provides a smooth transition for our clients' throughout the implementation, training, and practical application phases. CDG implementation employs training specialists, support representatives, programming analysts, and information technology specialists, when appropriate, to coordinate new product installations.

CDG's conversion plans and implementation timelines are based on customers' needs and requirements and defined business rules. Our conversion procedures and programs are developed and tested with several iterations of test conversions, and data verification is performed by CDG and/or the client. Clients participate in frequent status meetings and/or conference calls to ensure a coordinated, effective conversion process.

Comprehensive Training

Our training programs are as flexible and comprehensive as our MBS, Mediation, and BDS-I systems. Users gain a practical understanding of every module's design and function, as well as an overview of system work flows, relationships, terminology, and navigation From our experienced trainers. CDG offers instructional seminars at CDG's headquarters, client-site training, and online training. We believe training is a vital element to efficiency; we are committed to excellence in education for each of our customers, utilizing the most effective training experiences possible.

Post-installation training includes applied tutoring as your operation's database is completed, business rules are established, and parallel billing processes are performed. Ongoing education is provided through specialized and online training based on users' comfort level and experience. Advanced education expands and updates your organization's knowledge to help your users maintain maximum productivity. Because no system stays exactly the same, we are always happy to tailor our training programs to suit specific user needs and system requirements.

Product Documentation

In addition to direct and personal training, our systems offer resource support tools like guides, online help, and video tutorials to assist users with system setup and common tasks. Our various support materials include task-oriented instructions, helpful examples, insightful tips, and other reference materials, which assist users in understanding both our software and underlying complexities of the telecommunications industry.

Reliable Business Recovery

For your security, CDG provides automated data backups both in aggregate and on a company specific basis. Our backup servers allow us to quickly restore both complete databases and selective data in the event of a hardware failure or when a client needs to retrieve a prior version of data.

As an additional safeguard for your revenues, disaster preparedness plans have been created and tested to enable CDG to recover data and processes should a natural disaster occur at our headquarters. By maintaining multiple backup servers at a secure business recovery site, we can restore your data and billing systems in as little as 24 hours in the event of a companywide disaster.

These safeguards for your data can help ensure the uninterupted flow of client revenues if the unexpected occurs. In the event of regulatory questions or audits, we assure instant and complete access to your records. By taking proactive steps to safeguard your critical data, CDG minimizes your risk of costly service interruptions or data loss.



Support Hours

8 AM to 5 PM CST


We especially appreciate our Product Support Representative and the programming staff who have always been ready and willing to help us. Their positive attitudes make working with CDG a true pleasure; many times they go above and beyond to help with our goals.

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