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BDS-I: Circuit
Billing and Ordering

MBS: Subscriber
Billing and Management

Mediation: Data
Processing and Prep

Customer Care and Billing

Modular billing and management for telecom and utility services and markets. MBS offers modules for customer care, invoicing, network/plant management, trouble, task management, CRM/prospects, online subscriber self care, patronage, and service provisioning, as well as third-party financial, accouting, mapping, and management products.

Data Preparation

Filter, process, track, prepare, and audit incoming usage records with CDG Mediation. Audit incoming records to gain the business intelligence, revenue assurance, and fraud detection you need to accurately prepare your records for downstream distribution. Mediation can be paired with MBS or BDS-I or used as a stand alone for flat rates.

Circuit Billing and Ordering

Standardized billing and ordering for circuits, Ethernet services, transport, Interconnect, and CABS. Create CSRs, manage your carrier contracts, and gain business intelligence through custom analytical and reporting tools. We also offer an array of other services to help you analyze and improve any aspect of your billing processes.

Delivery Methods


SaaS delivery. Software applications reside on a server located at CDG and clients access their database via a web browser or a direct connection. Offers the functionality and flexibility of a licensed environment without the expense and expertise required for maintaining client owned hardware. No data transfers are needed since the database resides at CDG. When an MBS and BDS-I billing is scheduled, CDG merges and rates all data. Enhancements and software version upgrades are transparent to clients since they are applied to the application residing at CDG. Clients also have responsibility for updating data collection changes or equipment upgrades, payment updates, manual usage adjustments, and monthly bill verifications. CDG's staff members perform support services, assist bill processing functions, create bills either on paper, CD-ROM, or Bill Data Tape (BDT), and send them to recipients.

Outsourced/Service Bureau

For BDS-I only, the software application resides on CDG's hardware and processing occurs at its headquarters. Clients do not incur the expense or technology requirements of hardware ownership and maintenance. CDG provides general system enhancements and annual C/BOS version enhancements to comply with OBF mandates. CDG's staff provides support services and retrieves call detail records from clients' data collection devices and third-party sources. They also maintain rate tables, tariff changes, system maintenance, as well as perform bill verifications and other miscellaneous related duties. Clients are responsible for advising CDG of data collection changes or equipment upgrades, payment updates, tariff updates, manual usage and adjustments. After producing the carrier access bill, CDG creates a bill either on paper, CD-ROM, or Bill Data Tape (BDT), and sends it to the recipients.


All software applications reside at the client's location. Clients perform all hardware and software maintenance and are responsible for all billing functions. CDG provides annual version upgrades for general system enhancements.


If your company is looking for a different delivery system, we'll work with you to develop a customized package that fits your needs. For more information about customized delivery, including our fulfillment services, please contact us.


Global Services

From assistance in analyzing and improving current billing, reporting, or revenue collection capabilities to expert advice on ways to eliminate revenue leakage or increase company efficiency, CDG's global services provide the experts and revenue assurance tools needed to help you meet your goals.

  • Training
    Training for all aspects of CDG’s MBS customer care and invoicing, Mediation, and BDS-I switched, special access, and carrier Ethernet billing solutions. Customized training for all phases of the installation, implementation, and Go Live processes and beyond. Personal training sessions can be conducted at your office, our facility, or using web-based options.
  • Staffing
    Complete data entry, processing, invoicing, fulfillment services, and staffing for other BSS/OSS related tasks are available through CDG or our partners.
  • Filing Tariffs, ICAs, and Contract Audits
    Tariff, ICA, and contract support services. The complex processes involved with billing, tariffs, and carrier agreements can be cumbersome and labor intensive. Our wealth of resources and accumulation of industry knowledge can guide you to ensure 'tight' filings and constant revenue assurance.
  • Data Conversion
    Guidance and support for data mapping and converting existing databases to new billing systems, as well as data analysis to ensure accuracy.
  • Data Migration and Auditing
    Assistance with updating or changing application software and hardware; analyzing switch data; auditing data content, usage and usage billing; and identifying and purging unneeded data to improve efficiency.
  • Implementation Assistance
    Information acquisition and project management for all stages of BDS-I and MBS implementations. Data verification, release testing, information design and development, and current billing auditing. We have expertise in planning and executing large and small scale implementations.
  • Dispute Resolution and Collection and Settlements
    Advisory and intermediary services for disputes, collections, and settlements. We'll work with carriers and customers to resolve disputes, determine settlements, and obtain authorizations. Simple, automated collection services for processing manual collections.
  • Mediation Processing
    Mediation processing consulting services including VOIP, soft switches, file format conversion, toll distribution, switch settings, and CDR analysis. CDG's powerful Mediation system includes data collection and rating, usage distribution, usage processing to standard industry formats, data warehousing, fraud detection, and detailed reporting of all invalid toll dropped in editing.
  • Service Order Engineering
    Engineering expertise and knowledge to ensure accurate billing of service orders based on facility access circuits review, gap analysis, and ASR interpretation.
  • System, Personnel, and Process Performance Analysis
    Objective review and analysis of company systems, personnel, and processes.