The MBS CRM / Prospects module provides a central location to record your business's prospects and manage relevant data associated with them, including contact information, prospect stage, conversion probability, projected revenue and cost, proposed products and services, proposal and contract documents, and company-specific information. You can also assign view, assign, and complete tasks that have been associated with your prospects and sales processes.

CRM / Prospects Features

  • Store and track information for enterprise, business, and individual subscriber prospects.
  • Manage prospect and sales information, including organization, status, estimates, and contact details.
  • Integrated with MBS and other MBS modules.
  • Assign sales agents to prospects.
  • View, assign, and complete tasks associated with your prospects and sales processes.
  • Manage prospect visits and other tasks through your personal calendar in MBS Mobile.
  • Generate proposals and other documents, and get an in-person or email e-signature.
  • Manage attachments, such as contracts, that are associated with your prospects.
  • Begin installations for converted prospects directly from the CRM / Prospects module.


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Using CDG's MBS billing software has made my job easier and smoother. The MBS format is very easy to use and understand. I can process twice as many service orders with MBS than I did with our old system. I have loved MBS from the start, and with the upgrades and improvements that CDG keeps making, it just gets better!

Citizens Telephone Corporation
Warren, IN