CDG's BDS-I provides comprehensive ordering and billing solutions for Business Data Services, such as Ethernet virtual circuits, special access circuits, small cell sites, and dark fiber, and Interconnection billing functionality for both access tariffs and contracts. BDS-I offers fully mechanized order input and invoice outputs, which meet the ASOG and BOS industry standards that the largest carriers demand, and highly automated data entry and processing features that save your staff time, improve billing and accuracy, and provide quality output. BDS-I provides flexibility to customize files for company-specific requirements, allowing clients to fine-tune data and billing to their needs.


  • Use highly automated data entry and processing features to save time and improve accuracy.
  • Process an infinite number of interexchange carriers (IXC) per jurisdiction per company, and set up unlimited points of presence per end office.
  • Bill different rate structures, tariffs, rates, and percentages without multiple bill processes.
  • Upload circuit related information using the mechanized Service Order Interface, and utilize CDG's unlimited Uniform Service Order Code (USOC) table for special access rates.
  • Select from a variety of billing formats including mechanized bill output, BDT (Bill Data Tape), paper, CD-ROM, and electronic (E-Bill).
  • Prevent disputes by creating bills that conform to C/BOS industry standards.
  • Set up and maintain your contracts with service providers.
  • Apply date sensitive late payment charges, plus interest, to any previous balance allowing customer disputed amounts to be retained in the system until paid in full.
  • Develop custom, variable discount plans for every situation and manage their compliance.
  • Utilize our complete reporting package, including variance reports, and design and maintain your own custom reports through our easy to use Query Reporting Tool (QRT.
  • Download data from critical reports and files into Excel or a similar software product. This information is made readily available in a .csv format for customized reporting and analysis.
  • Maximize efficiency through the use of batch processing for mass IXC billings, rate and USOC rate charges for special access.
  • Automate tracking and trending processes for usage merges.
  • Delay usage breakout to 24 bill periods.
  • Support rate zone billing and directional rate access.
  • Global service options available for complete order flow and contract management, including moves, circuit adds, new projects, and site changes, plus front-line bill inquiry support.

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CDG has a wonderful [BDS-I] product and support team. We have been a licensee of the CDG MBS Mediation and [BDS-I] products since 2001. The software is user friendly. We not only increased our revenue but our accuracy as well.

CDG goes out of their way to make their billing system the best for everyone.

Huntsville, AL