Hosted and Licensed Telecommunciations BSS/OSS Solutions

  • Customer Care and Billing
  • Mediation
  • BDS and Ethernet Services Billing
  • Service Provisioning
  • EBPP
  • Network / Plant
  • CRM
  • Trouble Reporting
  • Interconnect / CABS Billing
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Service Order Automation
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In a world where many companies are worried only about their bottom line, CDG has been a welcome breath of fresh air. We have found them to be very responsive and helpful.

Pembroke, VA

We are proud to be a CDG customer and feel that they are always looking out for our best interests. They are always willing to listen to ideas and suggestions and quick to implement changes.

Citizens Telephone Cooperative
Floyd, VA

I absolutely love CDG! They consistently work with me to make improvements to their product that fits OUR needs, I love it! They are fast to help always.

Grimes, IA

As soon as we started to pitch ideas for things that we'd like to see, we found out just how much they were listening because the next thing we knew our idea would be in production in the application.

McAllen, TX

One of the most important things to us was customer support, and there is always a dedicated CDG support person on the other end who can answer your questions in a timely manner. It means a lot to have support whenever you need it.

Sand Creek Telephone
Sand Creek, MI

The support team has always been so helpful and quick to get back with us. They go to great lengths to help us with any questions or problems that may arise.

Waynesboro, VA

CDG has been a trusted vendor of ours for more than 20 years. CDG's willingness to listen to our requests in addition to developing solutions that address industry changes make the CDG [BDS-I] system a robust and flexible billing platform that continues to meet our billing needs.

TDS Telecom
Madison, WI

Our previous billing company made you feel like a number, you didn't have one person to contact if you needed help with something, you had to make a ticket, then wait for days for an answer. CDG makes you feel more like family, not just a customer.

ITS Telecom
Indiantown, FL

As a small company it is very reassuring to rely on CDG's expertise with the never ending industry changes. That encompassed with the CDG conferences that shares that knowledge with others proves to be invaluable.

Armstrong Telephone
Butler, PA

We have dealt with Mary, Niki and Myra and they have all been wonderful! They are always willing and helpful to assist us with any issues or questions that we may have. I consider them more like a friend than work acquaintance.

Minford, OH

Building relationships is key, and I feel the CDG Conference allows me to continue to build those relationships with the CDG Team as well as my [BDS-I] Team members within the Industry. I feel I can reach out to any of those relationships to gain Industry knowledge when needed throughout the year.

Consolidated Communications
Mattoon, IL

I have been working with CDG and its predecessor Bank of IL for the past 43 years. The billing and support have always been excellent.

Flat Rock Telephone
Flat Rock, IL

The CDG Customer Conference is an awesome resource for our folks. Those who attend walk away with not only a greater knowledge of the MBS/[BDS-I] products but also any trends and/or issues encompassing our industry.

Hardy Telecommunications
Lost River, WV

CDG enables us to be very proactive in our marketing efforts. We are able to segment based on products and service areas. Our Sales Agents are more efficient now that we can assign tasks to follow up and track sales by the agent

Citizens Telephone Cooperative
Floyd, VA

SAM has been my favorite employee for years! Last night I made a big account change and accidentally hit the complete button, instead of sending the order to SAM. This morning I used SAM sync to correct my mistake. No need to have to ask a technician for help. LOVE IT!!!!

Crossville Communications
Crossville, IL

CDG's training and service personnel are excellent and are always willing to help solve any problem we have. It is very reassuring to know that no matter what we mess up, someone at CDG can fix it for us. THANK YOU, CDG, FOR YOUR EXCELLENT PRODUCTS AND SERVICE!

Noxapater Telephone Company
Bay Springs, MS

I can process twice as many service orders with MBS than I did with our old system. "Help" is just a click away.

Citizens Telephone Corporation
Warren, IN

We have been a client of Communications Data Group (CDG) since 1996. CDG is more than a service bureau; it is an important part of our team.

Oregon-Idaho Utilities
Nampa, ID

CDG's [BDS-I] system is the only system I would ever hope to use when billing access.

Foothills Rural Telephone
Staffordsville, KY

I use this product daily. It is my main tool for my job and I really enjoy how user friendly it is and easy it is to navigate.

Grimes, IA

CDG enables us to be very proactive in our marketing efforts. We are able to segment based on products and service areas.Our Sales Agents are more efficient now that we can assign tasks to follow up and track sales by the agent.

Citizens Telephone Cooperative
Floyd, VA

We especially appreciate our [BDS-I] PSR and the programming staff who have always been ready and willing to help us. Their positive attitudes make working with CDG a true pleasure; many times they go above and beyond to help with our goals.

Consolidated Communications
Mattoon, IL